“I’ve worked here more than seven years now. I very much enjoy being a part of this company. As a packet maker, I get to make many different types of seed packets with a wide variety of designs and art work.”


“I’ve been here three years, and wish I’d come here sooner! It’s a very pleasant place to work.”


“I started here in 2021, and I love my job! Even though I never thought I would work in a factory!”


“I’ve worked here 12 years-plus as a packet maker. It’s an easy-going company, because everyone here works along with you to make being here a good experience.”


“I’ve been at Cambridge Pacific as shipping manager for three years. We strive at meeting and hopefully exceeding all our customers shipping needs!”


“This is my 11th year here working as a machine adjuster. All I can say is I really like all the people here; that’s what makes it work!”


“I’ve been a machine adjuster six years and I love it here. I like solving problems. Hey––every little adjustment is just one turn of the wrench away!”


“I started here in September, 1989. It’s a good place, and everyone’s easy to get along with. I should know; I’ve retired and come back to work here twice now!

(Left to right) – Phil Jordan, HR/Safety; Steve Vermilyea, Plant Manager; Nicole Barrett, Shipping/Receiving; Victoria Rasanen, Accounting/Customer Service; Tracey Dufresne, Grahpics/PrePress. Altogether, this team possesses 43 years’ experience working at Cambridge Pacific.

Our converter operators, another part of the packet making team whose careful, safe work puts Cambridge Pacific pride into every packet.