Seed Packet Design services

More than a Packet

a dream...

When you pick it up, you feel a mass, a substantial weight based not solely on heft, but also on a magical vision inside. Not unlike the feeling of holding a Leica camera or a fine Parker pen. Remember, the taste of a mid-summer heirloom garden tomato, cultivated from seed. Or perhaps the fragile blooms and delicate green leaves of a cosmos.

There is a fundamental, almost thrilling bulk to the dreams held in hands each spring.

And that is our pursuit, we wrap your dreams, and our packets gently shelter the dreams you offer. 

We think your packets are pretty special.

Cambridge Pacific
Our Mission

Customer satisfaction is everyone’s responsibility at Cambridge Pacific. We keep a clean and safe work environment and we continually work to lower our environmental impact. We reinvest our profits in new equipment, technology, and training, and we avoid long-term debt.

Yes, we are the folks who make the packets.

Customer satisfaction
The Cambridge
Pacific Difference

Cambridge Pacific is a world-class supplier of specialty packets, pockets, and labels. Humbly nestled in an old chicken coop, between cornfields in Cambridge, New York, we utilize sheet-fed offset, roll offset, and digital imaging to protect, inform, and capture your trust.

Printing to GRACol standards using the G7 methodology, we image plates with Heidelberg Suprasetters and print on Heidelberg offset presses as well as web offset presses. We constantly measure dots, tonal values, and densities as we produce your image, digitally or lithographically.

Each packet-maker averages more than 10 years of dedication to our craft. We have had, at times, three generations of one family working with us. We strive to be environmentally responsible, accountable, and timely. In advance, we thank you for your consideration as you ponder your packaging alternatives. Please contact us with any questions as you endeavor to bring your dreams to fruition.

We reinvest our profits in new equipment, technology, and training, and....

we avoid long-term debt.

We have invested more than 2.5 million dollars in fixed assets over the last five years. Our newest printing press arrives in September. Each year, we invest more than 1,000-person hours in reviewing our weekly Lesson Reports, fork-lift training, SDS training, Lock-out Tag-out training as well as Safe Machine Operation and Personal Protective Equipment.

Everything is connected for as we earn your trust, we invest and we learn and we train. We endeavor to be environmentally responsible, accountable, and timely. But most of all, we are grateful and we thank you.

We keep a clean & safe work environment.
We continually work to lower our environmental impact.

We utilize many different packet-converting machines, offering self-seal latex, remoist-glue, heat-seal, or even peel-away tape all the while determined to lower our environmental footprint and keep clean and organized and safe work areas.